Evangelos Angelakis MSc.


Vocal tRAINING Experience

  • University of Athens E-learning Program “The Voice in Singing” (October 2018 –   )

  • Numerous Vocal Seminars to Singers, Actors, School Teachers in:  Athens (University of Athens 2017, Athens Science Festival 2018, World Voice Day-Athens 2017), Fourni 2018, Crete (2015-2018), Istanbul 2017 

  • Athens Contemporary Conservatory (2016-2018)

  • “Theatre of Changes” Drama School (2012-2018)

  • Alimos Music School (2009-2012) 

  • Centre of Vocal Arts (2004-2011) 



PhD on Teaching, Singing and Music Technology​


Post Graduate Studies, Master of Music in Music Technology – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Thesis on Educational Application for Teaching Singing Technique)


Member of the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (LabMAT) of the University of Athens


Studies in Floriculture and Greenhouse Agriculture – Technological Educational Institute of Crete (Scholarship of State Scholarships Foundation -IKY)

Vocal STudies


Hellenic Conservatoire (Scholarship - Diploma with Honors and First Prize), Class of Katerina Tsangaraki


Member of the Centre of Vocal Arts (Prof. Spyros Sakkas) - teaching also since 2004


Member of the Centre of Ancient Music (Conductor Iakovos Pappas – Vocal Coach: Aris Christofelis & Hubert Weller)


Various Masterclass Courses including:
Singing (Olivera Miliakovic),
Bach Cantatas (Helmuth Rilling), Baroque Music Interpretation (Panayotis Adam),
Baroque Singing (Aris Christofelis),
Choir Workshops (1994-1998)

Other Studies

Piano, Oboe, Harmony, Acting, Dance

Papers - Research

  • Angelakis, E., «Match Your Own Voice!»: Development and experimental evaluation of an educational application for teaching singing technique. Master Thesis, 2018
  • Angelakis, E., “Lyric Voice Education today: Challenges and answers”, Multidisciplinary Workshop ‘Techniques of the Singing Voice: Acoustic and Phoniatric approaches”, Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (LabMAT), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2017
  • Angelakis, E., Georgaki, A., Velianitis, P., “«Match Your Own Voice!»: A software tool to assist singing practice on the somatosensory motivation”, Pan-European Voice Conference (PEVOC12), Ghent, Belgium, 2017
  • Angelakis, E., Velianitis, P., Andreopoulou, A., & Georgaki, A. “Match Your Own Voice!”: An Educational Tool for Vocal Training.  Audio Engineering Society Convention 143, New York, 2017.
  • Angelakis, E., Kosteletos, G., Andreopoulou, A., & Georgaki, A.  Development and Evaluation of an Audio Signal Processing Educational Tool to Support Somatosensory Singing Control.  Audio Engineering Society Convention 145, New York, 2018.
  • Angelakis, E., Georgaki, A. Somatosensory Education of the Lyric Voice through Acoustic Analysis in ab Interactive Digital Environment. Akoustiki 2018, Patras, 2018

Opera & Musical Roles

  • Various Roles – “Visions and Wonders of General Makriyannis” D. Marangopoulos (2019 – Greek National Opera)
  • Mercure – “Orphée aux Enfers” J. Offenbach (2018-2019 – Olympia Theatre “Maria Callas”)
  • Aeneas –“Dido and Aeneas” H. Purcell (2017 – Technopolis – City of Athens)
  • Various Roles – “Sweeney Todd” – S. Sondheim (2017–Herodium & Athens Megaron)
  • Chino – “West Side Story” L. Bernstein (2016 – Athens Megaron)
  • Die Knusperhexe – “Hänsel und Gretel” E. Humperdinck (2014 – 2015 – Olvio Theatre)
  • Hackerstein – “The Elf” E. Markoulaki (2015- Altera Pars Theatre)
  • Panagos / Zoumeros – “Picnic” Th. Sakelarisdis (2014 – Athens Megaron)
  • Colas – “Les Deux Chasseurs et la Laitière” E. Duni (2011-Athens Hospice Theatre)
  • Atys – “Atys” J.B. Lully (2010-Athens Megaron & International Festival of Volos)
  • Messenger – “Theodora” G.F. Haendel (2010-Athens Megaron)
  • Jason – “Médée” M.A. Charpentier (2009-Athens Megaron)
  • Alcandro –“Olympiade” A. Caldara (2009-Athens Megaron & Nafplion Festival)
  • Basilio – “Le Nozze di Figaro” W.A. Mozart (2009-Athenaeum Concert Hall)
  • Assistant – “Der Zar lasst sich photographieren” K.Weil (2008-Greek National Opera)
  • Narrator – “Paigniodos” (2006- Embros Theatre)
  • Robert – “Hin und Zuruck” P. Hindemith (2003-Athens Megaron)
  • Tamino – “Die Zauberflote” W.A.Mozart (2002-3 Greek National Opera – Opera for Children)
  • Poet – “Erotokritos” G.Markopoulos (Hellenic Fesival –Herodium 2000)
  • Simeon: “Joseph” A.L. Webber (2000 Katia Dandoulaki Theatre)
  • Sorceress –“Dido and Aeneas” H.Purcell (1997-Heraclion Festival)

Other Professional Music Experience

Various concerts with Church Music and Chamber Music

Singing Recitals in Athens, Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon, Ioannina,

Member of  professional Greek choirs(1985-2018)including: City of Athens Choir, National Opera Choir, National Radio Choir, Fons Musicalis, Heraklion Youth Choir, Rethymnon Symphonic Orchestra